Our Business

Group Multiple’s portfolio includes more than 17 prestigious brands of the world.

Luxury Brands: Brands like Rosenthal, Royal Doulton, Water Ford, Wedgwood, Noritake, Queenanne etc.

Household Brands:
Brands such as Lock & Lock, Tramontina, Vidivi, Brabantia, Claytan, Corningware, Correle, Gold Bohemia, Jason.

Licensed Brands: Brands like Sun-ce and Stor merchandise with licenses from Walt Disney, Manchester United, Nickelodian, Cartoon Network.

Hospitality Brands: Brands like RAK, Carlisle and LAV.

Direct Retail: Lladro Boutique and Lalique Boutique.

Our Competitive Strengths

  • Strong brand development expertise
  • Unique global brand platform
  • Seamless national distribution
  • Extensive national supply network
  • Experienced management team